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What Are My Benefits?

Your pension plan provides much more than a monthly benefit. While you are an active clergy member, you can count on:

...along with conferences to help you plan your future. Review your pension benefits.

Will You Have Enough?

How much will your monthly retirement benefit be? Will you have enough to cover your monthly bills? Start planning your financial future using the tools and resources we offer to make sure you are covered in retirement.

Your Taxes

Tax laws affecting clergy are complex. Our guide can help answer many of your questions regarding federal income tax, including:

  • Who qualifies as a minister for federal income tax purposes?
  • How much income must I earn before being required to file
    a return?
  • Can I use the simpler Forms 1040-A or 1040-EZ rather than the standard 1040 Form?

Download our Guide to Clergy Taxes.

Pensions Overview

Pension Checklist

Protect your financial future:

  • Make sure your employer pays your assessments in full and on time.
  • Review your Personal Information Summary every year and contact us with corrections or questions.
  • Develop a retirement plan that includes your Social Security, personal savings, and other income.

See other ways to protect your benefits.