UX / UI Designer and Digital Media Producer

William Friedewald

UX / UI Designer and Digital Media Producer

Experienced UX / UI designer for desktop, iOS, and Android platforms with 20 years professional experience in interactive digital media production. Over 15 years professional experience in brand development and creative marketing support. Over 13 years professional experience in 3D animation and A/V production overlapping UX design work. Experienced supervisor, trainer, and UX technical project manager. Experienced in eCommerce and financial applications development as well as enhancement of CMS and ECM platforms.

Experienced project leader and communications liaison between executive and development teams within strict compliance driven environments, methodologies, and technical guidelines. Experienced with agile and waterfall methodologies, SDLC, and J4DC while managing client engagements from discovery through deployment.

Strategic Design, Executive Presentation, and Production.

User experience research & design sits side by side with technical innovation and business development. Emerging platforms, advancements in cognitive research, and UX discoveries continue to push the envelope in usability standards bringing innovations that change playing fields annually. Remaining agile and adaptive in practice is more essential than ever. Having worked in varieties of enterprise level production, as well as startup group dynamics, I’ve experienced core UX / UI design approaches reveal and inform best practice user-centered design, regardless of project size or product. Maintaining adaptive communications, relevant collaboration, and an agile UX design approach has remained indispensable in reaching buy-in and implementation of effective design strategy.